How to Receive Stations

Clarion Broadcasting operates broadcast television stations in the Ardmore (channel 41), Lawton (channel 38) and Oklahoma City (channel 19.3) Oklahoma areas. At this time we are not on any pay services such as cable or satellite. Our stations are all free to watch and each station has more than one channel.

This is how it works

The digital transition has created opportunities that most people are unaware of.  The FCC or the Federal Communication Commission is the U.S. government organization that manages the airways. The FCC has allocated each television station a predetermined maximum amount of air space that can be transmitted in at any given time. This is called band width. The exciting part is that the digital signal will carry so much more information in the same amount of space that it is possible for broadcast television stations to have more than one channel. This is how it works; each television station will broadcast on its main channel and then has options to add sub channels to broadcast on also. On our Ardmore Oklahoma station, channel 41, we broadcast the “Three Angles Broadcasting Network” in English. On sub channel 41.2 we broadcast “Proclaim”, on sub channel 41.3 we broadcast “Dare to Dream” and on sub channel 41.4 we broadcast “Three Angles Broadcasting Network” in Spanish.

What do I need?

This is a great opportunity for those that choose not to have a pay service. The number of television stations in your area has potential tripled. For the cost of an antenna these channels can be received without a monthly fee. The type of antenna required will depend on the location of your television. If you live in the city where television stations direct there signal you should be able to pick up several channels with an indoor antenna, this depends on the size of the city and obstructions such as buildings or high terrain. If an indoor antenna doesn’t work an outside antenna will be necessary. Obviously the higher the better and it will also give opportunity to receive more channels. Technology has change in antennas also and if you don’t want a tall antenna standing over your home there are several companies that have outdoor digital antennas that may be attached to the peck of the roof on the house and do very well. These may be found on the internet.

Keep in mind that if you are handy with a few basic tools the best antenna you can install is one that you build yourself.